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Color: NaturalConstruction material: Recycled wood, ironSize: Approx. H:30 cmInformation: Assorted sizes and colours. Painted colours may occur..
14.40€ 18.00€
Color: Aubergine, whiteConstruction material: GlassSize: D:9x10 cmInformation: Colours and pattern may vary..
Color: BrownConstruction material: GlassSize: D:12x12 cmInformation:..
9.50€ 11.80€
Color: Gold oxidisedConstruction material: GlassSize: D:9x7 cmInformation:..
Color: Copper oxidisedConstruction material: Glass, cementSize: D:8x9 cmInformation:..
7.00€ 8.30€
Color: NaturalConstruction material: wood, juteSize: H:15 cmInformation:..
12.50€ 24.80€
Color: Natural, off white, blackConstruction material: Wood, cotton, juteSize: H:25 cmInformation:..
15.00€ 30.30€
Color: Natural, off whiteConstruction material: Wood, cotton, juteSize: H:30 cmInformation:..
16.50€ 34.50€
Color: BlackConstruction material: StonewareSize: D:9x11 cmInformation:..
Color: SandConstruction material: StonewareSize: D:9x11 cmInformation:..
Hand forged candle holders
Out Of Stock
Color: Ant.brassConstruction material: IronSize: H:20/25/30 cmInformation: Set of 3..
Color: BlackConstruction material: IronSize: D:13 cmInformation:..
9.40€ 11.00€
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